Bespoke Training
Training Areas:

Celtic Consultancy offers training for professional development within organisations and corporations.
Training is essential to raise awareness of issues that we may encounter within our work, volunteering or personal experience. Training from Celtic Consultancy comes with certificates of attendance that count towards continuous professional development.

The training is focussed around bereavement but is tailored to suit the setting within which it is given e.g. social work dept, nursing home (including residents with dementia), charities, family support and many other situations, with all these settings the training involves knowledge, skills and self awareness

Courses can be both planned and developed specifically tailored to the needs of the organization and it’s members.
Bespoke Training Courses can include:

• Pre bereavement
• Grief process
• Complex grief
• Boundaries
• Suicide
• Children’s grief
• “What do I say?”
• Fears of upsetting a grieving person.
• Listening Skills
• Unexpected situations
• Unfinished business
• Looking after yourself
• Cultural Diversity

Please contact me and discuss if you have other aspects you wish to be covered.


"Coming to terms with death is the greatist challenge on this life's journey"